Alphabet Collage. 1

Photography, Task

We were recently given our first task which involved broadening our perception towards the world around us whilst, calling upon our photographer’s eye in order to be perceptive to pattern, texture, colour, shape, and form. We were asked to take photographs of ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes, which can be photographically framed as letters from the alphabet. The task states we should work in pairs therefore, I chose to work with Howard as we both had the idea of pursuing a natural/ outside wonders theme.

For inspiration, I looked at the website to browse through professional photographs which helped me gain a broader understanding of how to capture the context of each shot to reflect and demonstrate my creative understanding of form, line, texture and colour.

Once we have collected all 26 letters, I plan to present them in a grid format on an A4 poster. For this I will use Adobe Photoshop, I don’t plan on editing the photos drastically as I hope to frame them accordingly. I also feel adjusting the colour/ saturation level opposes from the theme of nature and ‘natural-occurring’ shapes however, if needed for the photos to seem like a collection some alterations may be required.


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