Alphabet Collage. 3

Finished Pieces, Photography, Task

Taking all of my research on board, I have created a single displayed poster-image with my alphabet letters which demonstrate my creative understanding of form, line, texture and colour.

task 1

I found keeping to my theme of nature to be fairly challenging; some letters can be somewhat hard to read, however I feel this fits well with the theme and task, adhering to Moholy Nagy and his photograms. Letters such as E, F and O are unmistakeable, however with others a more abstract approach is taken.letters2

I am particularly pleased with the letters P, H and V; they perfectively demonstrate texture, colour and line. The close up gives the sense of the rough tree bark whilst taking the form of a legible P. As with V, the saturated green colouring of the leaf emphasises the shaping from the leaves in the background. However, to have carried this out throughout all the letters, I should have framed and lit the photo accordingly. I did minimal alterations on photoshop, in order to keep it natural and nature orientated, only placing them in a grid format to reduce confusion, as the letters already require some thought.

As this was my first time delving into the photography world, I feel this task has helped me to look at the world openly looking out for the beauty that is easily passed. As well as this, I have gained knowledge on the various approaches in photography. I feel these lessons will be hugely beneficial when approaching my other tasks.


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