Processing Workshop. 2 – Cheat Sheet

Programming, Workshop
Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.06.48

Code for generating random circles 

Basic Structure

void setup ( ) { //runs once only


void draw ( ) { //runs repeatedly during the execution.


Variable Types

Int, positive and negative integer variables

Float, floating point positive and negative variables

Boolean, variables that can be true or false

Basic Functions

println ( )

size (width, height), sets main window size

background (colour), sets window background colour






Conditional Structure

if (condition1) {

} else if (condition2) {

} else {


< less than

<= less than or equal to

== equal

> greater than

>= greater than or equal to

!= not equal

&& and

|| or

! not


For loop:

for (int i=0; i<10; i++){

//do whatever we want repeated



Fill/ Stroke

fill (colour); sets the colour used to fill shapes

noFill ( );

stroke (colour); sets the colour used to draw strokes around the shapes

noStroke ( );


Value scale foes from 0 to 255

colour (grayscale);

colour (grayscale, alpha);

colour (red, green, blue);

colour (red, green, blue, alpha);

ellipse (posx, posy, width, height);

rect (posx, posy, width, height);


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