Temporal Expressions. 3

Finished Pieces, Photography, Photoshop, Task

For the second task I have created a joiner image, a sequence, which exploits long exposure, and images that exploit short exposure. All are based on the theme ‘cycle’ and have been influenced by the research on Art History I conducted before hand.

I am particularly proud with my joiner image as I feel it positively resembles Picassos and Hockneys work. I chose to base it on the emotional cycle as it gave me the freedom to explore close ups of various facial features and gestures. I decided to use Photoshop to collect all of the photo images to then piece them together to create a coherent portrait. Once it was assembled I tried adjusting the images to emphasise the theme. I decided to make the image black and white as the colours have connotations of pessimism and sorrow. However, to link back to the theme ‘cycle’, adjusting the hair colour to bright pink hues helps lift emotion, almost creating a binary opposition between happy and sad. By capturing multiple viewpoints I feel I have successfully created a cubist impression through flattening an object into 2-D.

Joiner image


Long exposure

Light painting

Furthermore, for my second piece, I used a DSLR to change the exposure time and create a light painting. I decided to take the images of cars and their lights driving past in the dark. As this is a fairly everyday, normal task, i.e. driving to and back from work, I thoughtit fit perfectly with the theme of a ‘life cycle’. For this reason I chose to submit two light paintings, to reinforce this everyday task attitude, one being of the cars front lights and the other of the taillights.

Similarly, with my third piece, I used a DSLR to change to a short exposure time in order to create a sequence of frozen motion. For this I came up with an idea of physical rotation, something I felt the lexis ’cycle’ connoted. I therefore asked my model to spin around so that I could capture the dress and hair movement. I think this shoot went fairly well, however, exaggerated movement may have created a better effect. Possibly a looser/ lighter dress should have been used. The use of a low angle shot however, helps to emphasise the movement of the hair and dress to create a tense and energetic image.

Short exposure

Frozen motion

Finally, I researched into the creation of cinemagraphs through online tutorials as I had an idea of creating an image of someone blowing bubbles. The application of the rule of thirds would have meant following the bubbles until they were off screen. However, when I came to record the short video I did not use a tripod, this was a big mistake; the video was shaky and when I came to masking the bubbles the background around them moved as well. I aim to redo this clip very soon. I have learnt a lot from doing these tasks and I hope to use and further these skills in my next task.


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