Animation. 3

Animation, Photography, Task

The second part of this task was to explore the technique of stop motion. In an online article Dermy O Reilly (2007) discusses how originally stop motion involved animating movement of any “non-drawn” objects such as toys, blocks or any other rigid inanimate object you care to mention, cel animation followed quickly. The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985) directed by Will Vinton was the first stop motion/ clay animated film. Stop motion is seemingly becoming less popular due to the development of 3D animation. However, there is still one popular animation company that produces full-length stop motion films to this day, Aardman; they are known for producing the iconic children’s animation Wallace and Gromit. This successful clay stop motion animation has won Oscars with 4 30-minute films, 11 shorts and a feature length movie. (The Welsh Animator, 2013)

With the theme of ‘cycle’ in mind I decided to recycle everyday objects such as sweets and pencils into short stop motion animations. I feel both animations are effective, however, the concept is fairly basic. They are conceptual and fit well with the task of experimenting the stop motion technique.



To take this further however, I have animated the formation of a card house. I adjusted the images on Photoshop by changing the background and adding a filter to create a much more professional and pleasing animation.



O Reilly, D. 2007. A Brief History of Stop Motion Animation!. Stop Motion Central.

The Welsh Animator. 2013. A Brief History of Animation.


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