Kinetic Typography. 2

Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics, Research, Task

As this is my first time using AfterEffects, as well as practising under supervision in workshops, I have watched online tutorials on how to create kinetic typography in this Adobe software. The tutorial I found to be most helpful was After Effects Tutorial – Basic Typography & Motion Graphics by the YouTube user, thevfxbro (2013). He went through the process of animating the text to fit with the audio, to then making the clip look professional through the addition of masks and shadows. In addition, he talked through AfterEffects shortcuts to help make the process quicker and easier. I hope to use these skills when creating my own motion graphics piece.

Furthermore, for inspiration I’ve looked through the Kinetic Typography vimeo channel, considering the different ways people have animated their typography and the various audio used. I found Robin Celebi’s Cave Johnson Lemon Rant, Kinetic Typography (2012) to be my favourite. His emphasise of certain words through animation helped to convey the emotion from the audio, this being something I hope to achieve in my work.


thevfxbro. (2013). After Effects Tutorial – Basic Typography & Motion Graphics. Youtube.

Celebi, R. (2012). Cave Johnson Lemon Rant. Kinetic Typography Vimeo.


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