Kinetic Typography. 3

Finished Pieces, Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics, Task

After experimenting in After Effects for a while, I chose my audio clip and started to work on my kinetic typography. I decided to use the beginning clip of Bop to the Top from the Disney Channel Original movie High School Musical (2006) as this song is fun and energetic. I decided on a red background with yellow text to resemble the ‘Wildcats’ and their basketball uniform. I wanted the typography to be coherent with the audio and context and therefore chose to use fairly ‘cool’, informal san serif fonts, animating them suitably for it to all fit and flow well. I chose this specific song from HSM as the lyrics provoke a lot of imagery such as “anything it takes to climb the ladder of success.” I thought this will be ideal when coming back to further improve this piece through the addition of graphic images. I could also advance my work by masking the background and placing shadows; creating a stage like scene, thus relating back to the context. I hope to carry on experimenting with After Effects, practicing importing imagery and the different animation techniques. To conduct this I will carry on researching into the software and watching online tutorials on websites such as


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