Development & Realisation – Communication Design A2 Poster. Intro

Development & Realisation

We have recently started our next topic of ‘Development and Realisation’. It involves choosing one of the given briefs and producing an infographic A2 poster.

Here is the to do list for this assignment;

  • In preparation for your first tutorial seminar this week please complete the following:

– Start a weblog (if you do not already have one).

– Post an article to the weblog:

  • Explaining your understanding of your production work assignment, the Communication Design A2 Poster;
  • Your initial thoughts on what theme you may tackle;
  • Some images of communication design / information graphics that tackle your chosen theme or similar.

As a fan of the epic science fiction franchise Star Wars i decided to choose the the seventh brief this being to consider who knows each other and how in Star Wars? Visualising the relationship between the major characters in the Star Wars series of films, animations, comics etc.

The software I will be using to complete this task will be both Adobe Illustrator and InkScape.


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