Development and Realisation (Research) – Influences.

Development & Realisation

Being fairly new to infographics and their design, i decided the best way to start research was to look at existing pieces to get a better understanding of what is required from an infographic and what may work for my own Star Wars poster. I came across a website full of award winning infographics,, here i came across some of my favourites which helped me get a better understanding of how to start this assignment.


I love the simmediumplicity of both of these infographics, even though there is quite a bit of text (something i aim to stay away from), the different ways in which the data is presented is so easy to grasp and appealing to the eye. Ranging from pie and bar chars to maps and timelines. I especially like the Meet the Gallaghers infographic below. The dark background compared to the bright graphics help emphasise the data, its easy on the eye and i will consider this when designing my own. Furthermore, the use of the simplistic representations not only effectively conveys the characters as they are easily established but fit well in portraying the story  and appealing to the audience. Similarly to this example, most flat designs are created as vectors on software such as Adobe Illustrator. As we are required to create an A2 poster with the use of vectors i feel further research into flat designs will be hugely beneficial for when i come to create my poster.


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