Development and Realisation (Research) – Flat UI Design

Development & Realisation

Following up from my previous blog, i conducted further research into flat designs and their use. Our PAL leader introduced us to this approach by telling us  it was a basic style of illustration which was commonly used in web design and app development. In an online article, Luke Clum (2014) explores flat designs by examining how rather than bringing aspects of real life to an interface, it illustrates a clear separation between technology and tactile objects. It follows a belief that if an aspect serves no functional purpose there should be no need to include it, it would be considered a distraction from user experience. Here is an example from Windows 8 which was the first major software using flat UI design to hit the market.

livetilesAnother well known developer to take on this approach being Apple with their latest software update, IOS 8 with the removal of the drop shadow, texture and gradient.


This style is inspired by minimalism however, as Clum goes on to say,  just because it lacks any flashy design doesn’t mean this style is boring.The use of bright, bold colours help the illustrations pop from backgrounds and grab the users attention. In order to follow this approach the use of solid, vivid colours is vital.  I aim to take this research on board when creating my poster, as i feel a minimalistic approach to the brief would help me effectively get the Star Wars family tree across whilst appealing to my target audience of young Star Wars fans.

Clum. L. 2014. ‘The Beginners Guide to Flat Design’. Creative Bloq.


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