Development and Realisation (Research and Planning) – Doodles

Development & Realisation



Whilst researching into existing Star Wars infographics and minimalistic character representations i came across two talented designers. Grégoire Guillemen’s famous capsules proves that you can easily and effectively portray characters or any other cultural icon with the use of a few simple shapes and colours. All of his work under this project is easily recognisable and simple, however, it’s unique and eye catching due to the use of bold, solid colours and sharp, defined outlines. As Star Wars is such a renowned franchise, following this path should be fairly successful as the characters are iconic and well loved enough to be easily recognised.

starwars1-1Similarly with Joe Stone who has in fact created a Star Wars infographic poster following a very similar approach; focused on creating minimalistic character designs to allow the audience to know which character it is but not over doing it with unnecessary detail which will draw the attention away from the data being presented. I aim to do something similar to Joe Stone as it looks professional and is influenced by the approaches i aim to follow however, it may be too cluttered and confusing for a younger target audience. Therefore, i think i may reduce the number of characters and try experimenting with the layout and space for it to be as easy to understand and as systematic as possible.  Below i have done some doodles experimenting with this simplistic approach, focusing on few main characters and their relationships.


Guillemen. G.  2011. ‘Famous Capsules’.

Stone. J. 2013. ‘Star Wars Family Tree.


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