Development and Realisation (Research and Planning) – Mindmap

Development & Realisation

In preparation for the creation of my infographic poster i needed to do some research into my chosen subject and gather the data i will be presenting. As i chose the brief requesting the information on who knows who and how in Star Wars, due to personal interest and knowledge, i thought it would be good to start by looking into who the main characters are and how they know one another. I decided to present this as a mindmap in my sketch book for future reference when creating my poster. I need to account for the number of characters included when considering space and poster layout. DSC_0161Here you can see i’ve tried to incorporated Harry Beck’s concept of creating a full system map in colour. We were introduced to the idea of the London Underground map being a ‘masterpiece of design’ (Carrier, 2007) through the presentation of complex data in a lecture. I was intrigued by this approach and decided to do some further research into the design. It occurred to Beck “that it might be possible to tidy it up by straightening the lines, experimenting with diagonals and evening out the distances between stations.” His ‘diagram’ is instantly recognisable and copied across the world due to making the system modern, quick, efficient  easier to navigate.  Many would say Star Wars is complicated to understand due to the sheer amount of characters and creatures, i aim to simply show characters relationships for my target audience through the use of this concept studied in my infographic poster. Below is a picture of Beck’s Underground Map from 1933.Beck_Map_1933

Carrier. D. 2007. ‘Harry Beck and London’s iconic tube map’. Time out London.


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