Development and Realisation (Initial Development) – Designs

Development & Realisation

After looking at imagery i’ve decided to now create a couple of simple designs based on layout and composition for my infographic. After recent lectures on representation where we learnt about form, visualisation, colour and structure i came up with my first design influenced by Gestalts principle of proximity. gestalt_illustration-01 In an article Sarah Mae Sincero explores how the law of proximity states that humans perceive stimuli that are close to each other by grouping them and recognising them as part of the same object. Meanwhile, stimuli that stand far from one another are part of two or more different objects. The distance that defines how close or far the stimuli are from each other is subjective to every individual. At first i thought i could design 2 separate objects placed apart, which are made up of the minimalistic head representations of various Star Wars characters, 1 object being made up by the ‘good’ characters and the other ‘bad’. This showing which characters are enemies. As within the two groups the characters would be placed so close together we would however perceive them as a mass and when looking at the brief i felt this idea wouldn’t satisfy it, as other relationships weren’t being explored. When developiIMG_2464ng this idea and thinking about how the use of space could imply a certain emotion i came up with my second design. I thought the amount of distance between each character could resemble how close they are. For example, Princess Leia and Hans Solo would be placed near each with not much of a gap due to their relationship status. The layout would look like a basic family tree, meaning page-1easy understanding however, as well as showing how characters are linked space can give an insight on how positive and strong the relationship was.  Anna Katharina Reinbold (2013) took a similar approach when designing ‘Dogs Decoded’. However, rather than using space to present an abstract ideology, it shows the time shift from the evolution of wolves to ‘our best friends’. The incorporation of two data presentation methods into one infographic poster adds engagement and depth; i hope to incorporate this into my final piece. When looking into the main characters in Star Wars i came across an online game where you can guess how many lines each character says.  Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 20.04.23 This gave me an idea of somehow presenting which character is most important as well as their relationships. Considering the previous research into composition and use of space, i decided to alter the dimensions of each character graphic depending on their importance and amount said during the films. The research above would help me to compose this fairly accurately. As Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker has the most amount of lines in the movies the size of that icon will be the largest, possibly with the other characters branching out. IMG_2465I feel there are positive features in each design and i will try to incorporate them in order to create an effective and professional infographic poster which appeals to a younger audience. Sincero. S.  2013. Gestalt Laws: Similarity, Proximity and Closure.


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