Development and Realisation (Planning) – Colour

Development & Realisation

As previously discussed in a blog post, in order to take an effective flat design approach, bold, vivid colours will be needed. There are many websites such as which have a library of colours that i may want to use for my poster,  you are also able to click on your desired colour to copy the various codes into Adobe Illustrator.Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 09.24.39

However, even though i want to follow this approach, i do want to stick with a Star Wars themed palette as it will help anchor the data being presented. As discussed in a lecture, colour can help to highlight and accentuate specific data and cultural influence. For example, yellow stands for cowardice in the west but in japan it means courage-
cowardly lion in alice in wonderland via brave pikachu in pokemon. As i want my audience to easily recognise my poster is associated with the Star Wars franchise i decided to use Tineye labs – Colour Extraction, to extract the colour palette used in a widely know Star Wars poster, this not only giving me the hex number as well, but showing the percentage of area that colour is present. Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 19.50.40 As you can see from the image above the most dominant colour is dark blue. This is probably due to it helping to emphasise the foreground imagery such as the lightsabers and the main protagonist Luke. It also resembles space and the ‘evil’ around them without going too dark with black for example, which wouldn’t be particularly interesting or eye catching. This is something i could take on board when deciding on my background and trying to make my icons bold and eye catching. Tineye Labs also had another feature where you can search the colours to see other images with similar colour palettes. This helped to see what colours complimented each other well.Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 19.52.39


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