Research and Development (Planning) – Illustrator Practise


After downloading Adobe’s free trail for Illustrator, i started experimenting with the pen tool to get the feel of creating smooth curves before i started the real poster. I started to draw Darth Vader/ Luke Skywalker, splitting their face in the middle in order to present them as the same person. I feel like i successfully created a simplistic vector image which resembles the characters well. Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 17.16.19I then went on to look at online tutorials on image tracing on Illustrator and how to convert images to editable vectors, as this would be needed to help me create some of the Star Wars character representations. I found the blog post by Terry Hemphill (2013) to be the most useful as the easy step by step guide made it clear why and what was needed to be done to create your desired vector image. I will carry on drawing out each character, and placing them accordingly onto the page, the ‘good’ side (left) or ‘bad’ side (right), linking the characters to correspond to their relationship status with one another.


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