Change of plan

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We have decided to change our initial idea from the dating website to a property site. We have decided this for a number of reasons:

– Compared to what we have learnt, a dating website is much more relative. We would need to reference and match details such as age, gender, height and interests which would be tricky. Especially, as this is all fairly new to the group it might be too much of a challenge.

–  Unlike property sites, dating websites are very broad and most examples vary quite a bit. This making research challenging as data is personal and difficult to match up, whereas property sites data would be very specific, allowing sort and filter interactions.

– Finally, the sheer amount of tables and links between them needed would be way too complicated for a first time in  handling data in a database. In our second meeting we tried creating an entitiy relational diagram however, the links were endless.


dating site erd

I think we got a bit carried away with the endless possibilities and were worried we couldnt carry them out. As this task is concerned about functionality i feel the job site will be more successful.


Blogging System

design for digital media environments

Creating a template on photoshop


Template to size up images


  • concise and to the point
  • easy to read
  • evaluative
  • placed after images/ videos


  • scaled using the template
  • captioned
  • screenshot using shift-cm-4 space


  • explore a variety of media in order to portray ideas and research effectively
  • embedded


  • few
  • clear
  • relevant to the unit


  • consistent
  • diverse

Simple but classic

Influenced by – Triangulation:

The Brief / Task 1

design for digital media environments

Github account

We were recently introduced to our next brief, the task seems to be fairly straightforward, however, the different ways of going about it will be interesting. We will be put into a group of 3 in order to produce a website which uses database through the use of php and sql.

In our first lecture Rob introduced us to some of his favourite open source softwares as well as wikimedia and its benefits.  A wiki is a web application which is ideal for collaborative modification and is a type of content management system. Rob suggested we add a wiki to our dakar domains in order to help us collaborate and share ideas with our fellow group members.  As well as this he suggested we create a github account in order to easily backup and make changes to our code as a group.

To explore the nature of wikis and participatory culture further we were set a homework task of contributing to a user generated content platform. I decided to look on open street maps and see what had been and needed to be added to the university location.

This was my first time working with a UGC platform. I never realised how easy it would be to work with. They are a useful resource due to its communal nature and rather than waiting for a moderator to update the maps you can do it yourself.  I look forward to researching further into UGC and hope to explore wiki commons in the near future  as well as creating my own wiki for our group task.