Target audience

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After researching into Righmove, one of the top 10 most visited websites in the UK, and their property retail site design, I felt it was important to look into who their target audience were and how they attracted them. I found their buyer report, March 2013, which indicated a rise of second time buyers who intended to buy with a 3% increase form the last quarter. Compared to average age of first time buyers, this being 30, those purchasing for the second time are on average 41. They found when conducting this survey, users used rightmove in order to move up the property ladder to find a larger house to accommodate their family.

The use of graphics on their home page suggest an audience with family and children; the flying kite.


Rightmove graphics

Our website application will target an audience of similar age and situation however, it will be more niche, targeting families wanting to move in or around Bournemouth, rather than the whole of the UK.

It will target users who want to view properties using a web app, or even users wanting to advertise their property in Bournemouth.

This can be done through the use of graphics. Including images of Bournemouth and large family homes.


Help page, image found on open source site

Infact our logo and web app name, reinforces this. We have incorporated BH – Bournemouth Homes – into the logo in order to convey the bournemouth post code.


Logo Development


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