Temporal Expressions. 1

Photography, Task

This week we were set our second task; the theme is ‘cycle’. We have been told to reflect on ‘space and time’ expression within Art History. There are 3 sections to this task, the first being a joiner image in the style of David Hockney. The second is to produce creative photo-images, which exploit long exposure and the third task is to produce creative photo images or sequences that exploit short exposure. I will also look into the creation of cinemagraphs as I hope to create one, which fits the theme of ‘cycle’. The theme itself is fairly vague and could be taken in various ways. As well as the obvious bicycle, some connotations of the word ‘cycle’ may include physical movement, a sequence or circuit.

I plan to research further into cubism mainly focusing on the movement itself as well as the artists associated such as Picasso. This will help inspire me to fathom the multiple viewpoints in such art, which will be appropriate when approaching the task.