Frontend and backend technologies

design for digital media environments

Front end

– web design

– front end web development: html, css, javascript and jquery.

– things you see when using the web, including, font, drop down menus, contact forms, buttons and sliders, etc. However, in order for the data entered through the use of front end elements we need the back end to make this possible.

The front end development will be important when considering the user and userbility. Creating the best user experience possible. In this group project my role is to cover the front end. Considering the design and interface. I will need to consider user interactivity and design whilst practicing my skills in html, css and jquery to create a simple but effective web app that the audience will respond well to.

Back end

– Consists of a sever, an application and database.

– The application stores information into a database, which was created on a server.

– SQL, Ruby and Python are example of backend languages.

For our task we will be using phpmyadmin. The enhanced framework will help development and collaboration ease.When planning on how to go about the database we need to consider entity relational models.


– database modeling method

– semantic data model of a system

– diagrams created through the use of this process are called entity relational diagrams, erds.

Entities – object or concept that is uniquely identifiable – represented as rectangles

Attributes – property of an entity or a relationship type- represented as ellipses

Relationships – meaningful association among entities – diamond shape connectors.



Strong entity type when the entity doesn’t depend or on any other entity type.

– Important when creating web pages with forms in.

– Will be essential when setting up the database for our web app; to make a functioning user community.

– In order for users to be able to log in and input their own properties, a form will need to be created to which the data will then be stored in a database. Usernames and password will need to be kept in a separate table to allow users to log in once signing up.

– Weak entities such as user id or house ids will need to be relational in order for the house listing to be associated with the published user.