Group Wireframe

design for digital media environments
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Home page

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Sign up page

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Login page

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Home page once logged in

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Results page

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Add property page

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About page

After researching into existing property sites and pulling our individual wire frames together we have come up with a solid design which we are all happy with.  We can now work separately with a shared goal in order to complete our roles, committing to git regularly.


Initial Wireframe and Research

design for digital media environments

Rightmove filter


Rightmove results


Zoopla home page


Zoopla results

Whilst researching into existing property sale sites i noticed they all had similar design layouts:

– Top navigation bar linking to all pages. Including the logo, which is usually text rather than an image

– The home page has a large central search bar

– Main focus on interactivity and the user being able to filter results to get the results they want

– same filter options- price, location, no. of bedrooms

– filter option on left hand side of results page

– results are shown on seperate cards, all include images, price, location and short typed description

– users can interact and personalise their accound through saving properties and contacting the agent

– white background, eye catching images

– Large colour/ image blocks

– simple but neat design with easy navigation.

– sign in/ register = top right hand corner

My own wireframes considering these observations…


Home Page


Sign in/ register pop up


Results page


About page

By following standards, users will feel comfortable in navigating through the website and thus will meet their expectations.